The Brains behind the Madness


(The Sassy Cat)

I’m the founder and lead designer at Divergent.Design. Since a young age, I’ve always be interested in art and was drawing as soon as I had control of my hands. The instruments have changed over the years and I mainly work digital now, but definitely still have a lot of fun with traditional mediums!

Web design has been part of my life since I was a preteen. I enjoyed working on MySpace profiles and NeoPets pages back then, spending hours learning and constructing code. Now, my enjoyment comes from creating experiences that help professionals and businesses connect with their clients and build relationships digitally, from therapeutic practices to eCommerce.

Divergent.Design is a passion project that we are excited to watch grow. In the future, we expect to add other neurodivergent and/or queer people to our team. My goal is to use some of the proceeds from this project to fund the beginnings of a neurodivergent artist collective that will provide direct support to members from sales. There has been speak of a gallery in the future, but I won’t get too hasty!


(The Coffee-Cat )

Coffee-Cat grew up in the swamp and didn’t particularly care for it, so he moved to the mountains. Vast improvement. Much more suitable for cat-wizards. Coffee-Cat enjoys few things more than coffee and writing. In point of fact, he spends most of his time consuming these two things.

One might ask, how did this wondrous being come to Divergent.Design?

It began with a vision. Coffee-Cat was floating through astral space (remember the wizard bit), born aloft in a giant saucer—this is, incidentally, where myths of UFOs originate—when he was drawn to a beacon of distress. A column of pure incandescent rage. He homed in and found a portrait of despair: an enraged businessman pounding his keyboard with increasing force and frustration. The man was alternately grinding his teeth and crying tears of pure anguish; he sobbed, semi-hysterically, “WHY GOD?! WHY WON’T THIS GARBAGE WORK?”

Coffee-Cat watched with increasing compassion and sympathy as the man, lips curled in a broken, manic grin, hurled his computer monitor through his window screaming, “Update THAT, Microsoft!” before storming off to Best Buy to purchase yet more sub-par service.

It was then and there that Coffee-Cat swore to himself: Never again shall he allow human beings to wallow in such digital suffering. Never again shall they be subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous technical malpractice. Nevermore shall they suffer the curse of sloppy copy and inefficient design. He would extend to them a paw and lift them from the dark and foul abyss of their binary suffering.

And so, Coffee-Cat fixed this resolution in his heart and floated through the doors of Divergent.Design where he sits, to this very day, perched atop a desk, mug of coffee and thesaurus nearby, to help the hapless with their technological vexations.