Live Tech Support

Scheiße! What is wrong with this thing?!“ may be the song of your people, but we can help!

We Are Alive and Ready to Troubleshoot!

The digital landscape constantly shifts and changes; we often find ourselves in strange new territory with strange new problems. On the other hand, sometimes things just break. These things aren’t easy to navigate alone. Whatever your situation is, we have experts in Windows and Mac available to solve most users’ needs. No silly 1-800 number to call. No navigating frustrating menus just to speak to someone reading from a script. Our support is real and will get your problems solved quickly without the rage-inducing automated systems used by giant corporations.

Real People, Real Help!

We might actually be lizard people… or even cats, but we’ll put on our human masks just for you!

We would be happy to help you:

  • Set up email accounts in MS Outlook or Apple Mail
  • Acquire and install software like MS Office, Adobe CC Apps, Printer & Peripheral Drivers, etc.
  • Learn Adobe CC or other applications with private tutoring sessions or remote classes
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems with common application errors
  • Learn to setup a website and email of your own
  • Organize and backup your data


We can screen-share and our support team can guide you through the process while solving the issue. There won’t be any hassle with phone menus or waiting on hold. Just email us with your issue or request and we can schedule a remote call that is convenient for you.