Are we lizard people or are we cats?! You decide! It’s a post-postmodern world, anyway.

Divergent.Design is a ferociously UNcorporate team operating in the Mile-High City.

Our goal is to do things differently and do them right.

We offer a multitude of services on our website, but our primary passion is web design and hosting. Our two-person team is ready to help no matter where you are!

The Divergent.Design way is a bit different than what you may be accustomed to. We are ferociously UNcorporate and that means our team is focused on creating a sustainable business without the annoying tactics of Late Stage Capitalism.™️ Our clients know their businesses and customers, and they know their immediate needs. We’re not here to continually push you to buy “Just this one more fabulous service!” We’re here to provide you with what you need and when you’re ready to level up, we’ll be eagerly waiting to help your online presence grow.

Some businesses only need a single page website for potential customers to land on during a Google Maps search, and some need in-depth informational websites to sell their creative works. We understand that everyone has vastly different needs when it comes to a website, so we’re here to tailor a plan specifically for you or your business. We’re flexible and offer a range of options from full-service packages that include design, building, hosting, and updates to just the basics for people who would like to manage their own websites on a hosting platform of their choice.

We will design the experience you need to connect with your clients and achieve your goals.