Even with all of their powers to charm and bewitch, some Wizard Cats find themselves in need of a home only a hero can provide.

Wizard Cat Adoption Network (WiCAN) is a small non-profit that places wayward cat wizards in foster care while we connect them with their future humans. Our foster network includes almost 150 households and has connected more than 1,500 Wizard Cats to their human servants! We also help mitigate feral colonies in the communities where we operate.

Wayward Wizards

Meet our Wizard Cats waiting for their rescue!

Ready to be a hero?


Are you interested in one of our Wizards? Follow the link below to our pre-screening so we can put you in touch with the right person! WiCAN is always accepting applications, even in the event that we don’t have any Wizard Cats available for adoption. Don’t miss out on adding some cat magic to your life.


There are more ways than one to be a hero! Providing a home to a Wizard Cat is an awesome way to do that, but we also have need to support our Wayward Wizards and their foster humans. Donations help us support all of the Wizards currently placed in our adoption network and are always in demand!